Karl Guggenmos Retires from Johnson & Wales University

//Karl Guggenmos Retires from Johnson & Wales University

Karl Guggenmos Retires from Johnson & Wales University

Date October 16, 2014
Re Retirement: Karl Guggenmos

After a long and distinguished career with Johnson & Wales University, Chef Karl J. Guggenmos’93, ’02 MBA, university dean of culinary development, will retire at the end of this year, December 31, 2014, at which time he will be awarded the title of dean emeritus.

Karl joined JWU in 1988 as an instructor with the faculty of the Charleston Campus. While there, he was promoted to Director of Culinary Education. In 2000, he was appointed to the position of Dean of Culinary Education at the Providence Campus. With his innate international perspective, Karl became the University Dean of Culinary Education in 2004, reflecting the broadening scope of the university’s position as a worldwide leader of culinary education.

Under his leadership, the College of Culinary Arts addressed key issues facing America’s growing dietary and nutritional concerns, and by 2008, the university had eliminated the use of all artificial trans-fats from its curriculum. During Karl’s tenure with the CCA, he worked diligently to uphold the gold standard for food safety that integrates safety procedures into our culinary curriculum and throughout our food service facilities.

His accomplishments have set the College of Culinary Arts apart from other institutions, while establishing an international reputation that we will proudly sustain. He has broadened the scope of our study abroad and exchange programs with At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy in Singapore and the Mutfak Sanatlari Akademisi (MSA) – the Culinary Arts Academy of Istanbul.

At the national level, Karl has united JWU with Tulane University’s School of Medicine for a first-of-itskind program that launched in 2012. The collaboration allows Tulane’s medical students and JWU’s culinary nutrition students to explore food as medicine, an innovative path toward health and wellness. In 2013, Karl was named university dean of culinary development, a role in which he was able to continue cultivating relationships with various constituent groups in order to maximize donated support for institutional priorities.

Reflecting upon his upcoming retirement, Karl speaks of the anchors in his life that have led to his success – confidence, endurance, renewal and grace. For JWU, he will continue to be an anchor for our alumni around the globe. Please join me in thanking Karl for his contributions to the university and wishing him the best as he moves forward with the next phase of his life.

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