My 2002 Olympic Torch Run Experience

//My 2002 Olympic Torch Run Experience

My 2002 Olympic Torch Run Experience

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I knew exactly who I was going to nominate! One of my Chef Professors at Johnson & Wales University!

I typed my nomination and hit send. Then I instantly regretted it. I wanted to keep a copy to show him what I had typed on the off chance that he for selected. I was SURE that will the thousands of entries that the winners would not know the words that got them there.


My fuzzy recollection of the past 12 years I think this is close to what I wrote:

German born, Maser Chef Karl Guggenmos has made America his home for the past several decades. His love of culture, people and food shines through him every day in the way he interacts with his students, staff and friends. He is beyond generous with his time, knowledge and friendship with everyone he come in contact with. His sense of fair play and justice is like none I have ever been witness too. He has opened his home to me in times of need and made me feel like his family. I can’t think of anyone who embodies the Olympic spirit other than Chef Karl Guggenmos and I nominate him to run in the Olympic Torch Relay for 2002.

I hit send and hoped that some one would at least READ my email. That was all I just wanted someone to know that Chef Karl deserved to be in the torch relay.

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