NECAT Celebrates Education with Super Bowl Champs

//NECAT Celebrates Education with Super Bowl Champs

NECAT Celebrates Education with Super Bowl Champs

Published in She’s Game Sports on May 2, 2014 | By Shanda Foster

When was the last time you got to be a part of something life-changing? I mean, really life-changing. I got my chance, two weeks ago when I had the honor of attending the NECAT (New England Center of Arts and Technology) Culinary Cook off last week. I know, I know, your probably wondering what NECAT is, right? NECAT is one of the most ambitious and impressive programs for adult and youth education Boston has to offer. NETCAT’s mission is this, “Through inspirational and experiential learning environments, NECAT provides high-quality and industry-relevant job skill training for adults, and hands-on-arts education for youth. NECAT guides students through a transformational process to unlock their potential, shape lives and impact communities and they do just that. The New England Center of Arts and Technology, opened its doors here in Boston this past September, with the help of its Co-Founder and Chairman Maarten Hemsley to showcase their Culinary Arts Education Program. The program is a 28-week diploma program which teaches career skills and training to under-employed adults who are beginning or hoping to advance in the culinary field.

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